What is the climate in Connecticut regarding DWI charges?

Interviewer: What is the climate like for people charged with DUI in Connecticut? Are prosecutors now less-willing to reduce the charge to a lesser offense?

In Connecticut, You Are Likely to Be Prosecuted for a DWI Charge

Jack O’Donnell: That’s absolutely true. They will tell you ‘we would rather lose the case at trial than to nolle it, N-O-L-L-E, which means to decide not to prosecute it.

Watchdog Groups Pressure the State’s Attorney’s Office to Prosecute All DWI Offenses

Interviewer: I imagine the climate has grown tougher and there’s more at stake if you’re arrested for DWI, is that right?

Jack O’Donnell: Absolutely. Plus, you have watchdog groups, such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving being one of the most notable, that pays attention to state’s attorney’s offices that nolle cases.

This is because they have to put on the record their specific reasons why they’re nolleing it. M.A.D.D. scrutinizes that to make sure there’s no old boy network, no ‘looking the other way’ because that attitude is not acceptable in today’s climate.

Nolle: Not Prosecute

Interviewer: What does the word nolle stand for?

Jack O’Donnell: Nolle? It’s nolle prosqui, N-O-L-L-E, second word P-R-O-S-Q-U-I, which means in Latin “not prosecute.”

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