Are the Parents or the Juvenile The Client When A Private Attorney is Hired?

Interviewer: Who is your client when there is a juvenile offense? Is it the juvenile that’s your client or is it the parent’s?

Jack: No. I represent the juvenile. I work very closely with the parents because I do appreciate that it is not easy parenting these days and I work closely with parents to make sure the kid appreciates the gravity of the situation.

If the parents have been trying to get their child to go to counseling, I work with the parents by insisting to the child that if we want a favorable result, they have to go to counseling.

Since it is the parent who will be reading the website, I want the parent to know that I am a parent of four myself and having focused a big part of my practice on young people, I am very conscience of assisting the parents in getting their child to toe the line in the future.

By Jack O’Donnell

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