Sentence Modifications

Just because you have been convicted of a crime in state or federal courts does not mean all hope is lost. An experienced sentence modification and probation lawyer here in New Haven, Connecticut, can help you explore your legal options to mitigate your sentence through appealing, modifying your sentence or parole conditions, or requesting probation.


You have the right to appeal the court’s decision in your criminal conviction. An appeal is essentially a request for an appellate court to make a new determination regarding your sentence or even your conviction. Contact a seasoned post-conviction relief lawyer to discuss the possibilities of winning your case on appeal.

Writs Of Habeas Corpus And Post-Conviction Reviews

A writ of habeas corpus challenges the reasons for your incarceration and seeks relief from unlawful confinement. If you believe the attorney in your trial was ineffective or that the court denied your right to due process in any way, you can explore a post-conviction review through filing a habeas corpus action.

Sentence Modifications

If you believe you have a legitimate reason, you can return to court to have the sentence that was originally imposed by the judge modified to reduce your time in jail. A state sentence that exceeds three years requires the consent of the state’s attorney who prosecuted your case before moving forward.

Your attorney will need to investigate the unique circumstances of your sentencing to provide a reason to support a modification of an imposed sentence. If they find a reason to modify your sentence, the judge who originally imposed the sentence has the option to reduce your sentence, discharge you, or put you on probation. You could also seek to have the conditions of your parole modified.

New Trials

You may be entitled to a new trial if new evidence can be found that, had it been available at the time of your trial, could have substantially affected the outcome of your trial. New trials might also be granted if testimony given by a material witness at your trial turns out to be false and if the jury might have reached a different conclusion were it not for that false testimony. Your attorney can help you prepare an application for a new trial. It’s especially important to have the guidance of an experienced post-conviction relief attorney as the burden of proof on a petition for a new trial falls on you, the petitioner.


If your motion to modify your sentence is denied, you still have the option to request a commutation of your sentence. Your parole attorney can help you prepare the right documents and records to send to the Board of Pardons and Paroles in contemplation of a commutation hearing.

Knowledgeable Sentence Modification And Probation Attorneys In New Haven, CT

At the Law Office of Jack O’Donnell, we have provided personable and comprehensive legal counsel in post-conviction matters and appeals for over 42 years. Attorneys Jack O’Donnell and John Bowdren have successfully fought for post-conviction relief and reduced the sentences of clients who were convicted of crimes and incarcerated here in Connecticut. They’ve built a hard-earned reputation for securing positive results in sentence modifications.

If you’ve been convicted, your best option for seeking post-conviction relief (appeals, sentence modifications, probation, etc.) will depend on the unique circumstances of your case. Our pardons and post-conviction attorney, Jack O’Donnell, would be happy to meet with you to discuss your next best move. He will use his decades of legal experience and investigative knowledge to prepare and present your case in the best possible light for post-conviction relief.

We hope that our dedicated and professional legal representation here at the Law Office of Jack O’Donnell can bring you hope that a conviction does not automatically mean the end of your freedom.

We believe that everyone deserves top legal representation, so we provide accessible and affordable counsel. If you can’t pay us up front for your post-conviction relief, we’ve got convenient payment plans to help you out.

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