What Factors Can Aggravate a DWI Charge?

Interviewer: What factors would aggravate or enhance a DUI charge?

Jack O’Donnell: In addition to driving under impairment, other factors that can enhance charges are accidents, having children in the car, and having alcohol in your system as well as narcotics; which is detected by urine tests.

Is It Possible to Talk Your Way out of an Arrest?

Interviewer: You think that people go the other way and freely converse with the police in the hopes that they can talk their way out of an arrest?

It Is Likely That the Police Have Heard Many Excuses Before, Including Yours

Jack O’Donnell: Yes, of course, by telling them “I only had a couple” which is the biggest laugh you ever hear. Every single report shows “I just had a couple.”

Interviewer: So that’s the common back story that people tell you?

Jack O’Donnell: I think that line is used so often because they know that the they smell like alcohol and they know that they appear to be intoxicated so they can’t deny that they’ve been drinking because it wouldn’t be believed. In desperation, they admit to the police that they have consumed a couple of drinks, which they think the cops will respond to by saying, “In that case, be on your way. Sorry to have troubled you.”

Over Time, Has the Attitude of the Police Evolved toward Drinking and Driving?

Interviewer: Has the attitude of the police toward drinking and driving changed over the years? Did it used to be that way or has it always just been a myth?

Ultimately, the Police Are Responsible for Your Safety and the Safety of Others

Jack O’Donnell: I suspect but police officers are held to a high standard. If they ever let you go and you cause an accident around the corner, it would cost them their job.

Interviewer: So there’s no actual chance you can rationalize the nature of your situation with them, appeal to their better nature and be able to just go home?

A Large Proportion of DWI Police Stops Occur Close to the Driver’s Home

Jack O’Donnell: No, and especially because, and I don’t have the statistic, but a large proportion of DWI’s happen within a couple blocks of your home and so everyone’s saying “I just live around the corner. Can you just let me go?” It just doesn’t work anymore.

Interviewer: I believe that occurs because they happen to be close to their homes and they relax and their driving skills become less coordinated as they think they’ve almost made it to their driveway.

Jack O’Donnell: I agree, and all the roads around their place of residence are extremely familiar.

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