An Attorney Can Help to Restore Your Suspended License

Interviewer: Can you help clients who have had their license suspended before seeing you?

Jack: I can help, yes. I can help them get their license back because frequently their licenses are suspended due to closed out tickets, which are tickets that they didn’t address. I know how to find where those closed out tickets are, get them reopened, and have my client’s license restored by filing the proper paperwork.

Then you’ve have to, of course, deal with the tickets that you reopened, because you could have had six closed out tickets and once you reopen them you’ve got to deal with them. It’s the reopening that gets you in a position to have your license restored.

What Is a Closed-Out Ticket?

Interviewer: When you say closed out, is that, for example, someone who will ignore a ticket?

Jack: Yes, ignore it. Or plead guilty and was given two weeks to pay and neglected to pay.

You Will Not Be Eligible for a Hardship License if Your License Is Suspended for a Traffic Infraction

Interviewer: Is it possible for people that have had suspended licenses to get a hardship license or a license to get to and from work?

Jack: No, that only applies for a DWI.

By Jack O’Donnell

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