Can The Police Search Your Car During A DUI Stop?

Police can ask you for consent to search the car. If you give it, obviously they can do that, but otherwise they can only look and see what’s in plain sight. For example, and I think this leads to another question, they can’t go into your glove box or your trunk without a warrant unless you consent them to do so.

What Happens if You Do Not Consent to a Vehicle Search?

If something in plain view, that’s fair game. If you don’t consent to a search of the glove box or the trunk, if they feel that there’s something in there then they’re going to impound the car and they’re going to have to get a search warrant to search it. It’s going to be up to the police to convince the judge to sign the search warrant saying that they believe that there’s something in there that they need to get.

At What Point is An Officer Required to Read You Your Miranda Rights?

When they’re placing you under arrest is when they’re reading you your Miranda rights. Anytime an officer forgot to read someone their Miranda rights it certainly is a reason to argue dismissal and it’s not going to happen until you’re in court. It’s certainly a legal reason to argue that your arrest was done improperly, and certainly a good enough legal argument to ask a court to dismiss the case or a prosecutor to drop the charges.

How Do People Unintentionally Violate their Miranda Rights During A DUI?

They blurt something out. You have the right to remain silent. They blurt something out about, “Oh all right, you’re right, I was drinking before I got into my car and i had 6 shots and 8 beers. I had them all in a half hour time period.”

How Long Are Police Allowed to Detain You?

It’s 48 hours, because I’m just thinking about when we have arraignments in court and if probable cause wasn’t established within 48 hours then the person had to be released.

Can Police Impound Your Car? Can they Take Your Driver’s License on the Spot? Can they Give a Temporary One?

Police can impound your car but they don’t issue temporary licenses. If you refuse to do the breathalyzer then they automatically take your license on the spot and you lose it for, 6 months. If you refuse, if you flat out say, “No. I am not doing the breath test.” They grab your license and it’s gone for 6 months, but other than that they don’t take your license, nor do they issue a temporary one. You have a right to a hearing in front of DMV on the issue of whether your license should be suspended or not.

Can Someone Talk Their Way Out of a DUI Arrest?

When you say talking your way out of it that seems a little too easy for me of an answer as to why an officer doesn’t make an arrest. I don’t think that an officer is going to come up and start talking to someone and see if they were driving and see if they are drunk, then all of a sudden the person just starts talking and does some sort of mind trick on the officer and talks their way out of it. That would only be a part of it.

It would be the officer maybe only seeing that the person’s eyes were bloodshot, maybe not seeing any other indicia of operating under the influence, and then the person gets out and they do the roadside tests and they pass them all, or they maybe they had problems with one of them but it was because they had an injury that was preventing them for doing one of the tests, or maybe the breathalyzer, Intoxilyzer, wasn’t working. There are a lot of things that can get people out of a DWI. However, most people get out of DWIs because of a mistake in the investigation that the officers made.

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