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At some law firms, lawyers get so busy dabbling in numerous areas of law that they don’t have time to focus on the specific details of any area of their practice. They get bogged down with these cases, and rather than refer them to other firms, their clients often do not receive the personal attention they deserve.

When you contact our firm, the Law Office of Jack O’Donnell, L.L.C., that is never the experience you will have. Our practice is focused on two areas of law — criminal defense and personal injury — so we are able to keep up to date with legal trends. In addition, we always treat our clients with the personal attention they deserve. We know our clients on a first-name basis, and when they call or stop by the firm, we can discuss the specifics of their cases without grabbing for their files. Our clients are comfortable working with us because they know their cases are important to us.

Trusted and Respected in the Legal Community

Over the past 43 years, we have developed a strong reputation in the area. We never misrepresent anything, and we are always forthcoming with the information we have. Prosecutors appreciate that they are dealing with someone who is credible and honest. Our track record of honesty and credibility is known by other attorneys, courthouse staff, prosecutors and judges throughout Connecticut.

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Whether you need a strong defense to protect yourself against criminal charges, or determined and aggressive legal representation to pursue your personal injury claim toward a financial settlement, we have the knowledge, skills and experience to help you come out ahead. Contact us online or call (203) 787-8603 to schedule your free initial consultation.

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