If You Are Convicted of a Juvenile Offense, Will You Have a Permanent Criminal Record?

Interviewer: What commonly happens if you are convicted of a juvenile offense? Is your record automatically sealed forever?

Jack: Yes. It’s sealed and then at the appropriate time I send a letter and get everything erased. I make sure there is total erasure.

Can the Courts View Your Juvenile Record?

Interviewer: What happens if you are convicted of a juvenile offense and then you commit a crime as an adult, let’s say two years later, can the courts go back and look at your juvenile record and now charge you as a repeat offender, for instance?

Jack: No. If it was a serious juvenile offense then that becomes known to the adult court and there can be additional consequences because of that.

Interviewer: Then your goal, as their attorney, is to make sure that if a client is going to be convicted that it’s not a conviction of a serious juvenile offense, but less serious charge, is that right?

Jack: Yes, that is correct. The most serious juvenile offenses are delineated.

By Jack O’Donnell

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