Traffic Infractions and Commercial Drivers

Interviewer: How about for commercial drivers’ license holders? I’m sure there are a lot people driving through Connecticut that has a CDL. What happens if they get an infraction, is it a more serious issue?

Jack: I get more calls from commercial drivers more than anyone else. Yes, they lose their license, there are enhanced penalties for them and so their license will be as good as gone with moving violations or certainly DWIs.

A Commercial Driver Will Lose Their License if They Are Convicted of a DWI

A CDL holder will lose their commercial license even if they’re driving their own vehicle and not driving a truck, so CDL holders really need to hire attorneys.

A Moving Violation Can Affect a Commercial License

Interviewer: If you’re a CDL holder and you’re driving your personal car and let’s say you get a speeding ticket or a stop sign ticket, will that affect your CDL?

Jack: Yes, it is likely that any infraction can affect their commercial license.

Interviewer: Once you have a CDL, you’re kind of a target, so any infraction you get can cause you to lose your CDL license, right?

It Is ALWAYS Advisable to Retain an Attorney if You Have a Commercial Driver’s License and Receive a Ticket for a Moving Violation

Jack: Yes, that is correct and again, that is why they should retain an attorney.

Interviewer: How tough are the penalties? What if you get one speeding ticket if you have a CDL, would you still lose your license?

Jack: I can’t say with certainty because every case is different. However, yes, you’re at risk of losing your license with one moving violation.

Interviewer: The situation becomes really serious. Sounds like no matter what the violation is they should always hire an attorney because they could lose their livelihood.

Jack: Yes, exactly.

Interviewer: Why do you have more commercial drivers as clients?

Jack: It’s just they know more about the consequences. They just know from the community of CDL holders that moving violations are not tolerated and therefore they’re more inclined to call lawyers than are regular drivers.

Are CDL Drivers Targeted By the Police?

Interviewer: Do the police tend to leave CDL holders alone or do they tend to target them more?

Jack: Because there have been some high profile tragic situations in the state of Connecticut with tractor trailers speeding, they are targeted when the police think that they’re exceeding the speed limits.

Interviewer: What kind of commercial drivers do you encounter more frequently?

Jack: I have handled cases for all of them. You don’t see too many limousine drivers but I work with a lot of taxi drivers and truckers. I especially encounter truckers that are passing through the state that want to be able to not have to come back here to court.

They want the ticket dismissed without having to return to Connecticut because that’s obviously extremely expensive. If they just mail it in their license will be impacted by the guilty plea.

By Jack O’Donnell

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