Rhode Island Man Charged With Drunken Driving Four Times In Less Than Two Days

PROVIDENCE – In the time period of less than 2 days, a Rhode Island man has been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol 4 times.

53-year-old John Lourenco was taken into custody by the Providence police on Sunday, according to the Providence Journal. He was then taken into custody 3 more times in Cumberland, Rhode Island, on Monday. All 3 of the arrests in Cumberland came after he crashed his motor vehicle into either another car or a tree.

The first 3 times Lourenco was taken into custody, he was released to the custody of his parents. After the 4th time, he was finally held for arraignment.

His breath sample was taken by the police which showed his BAC level more than 3 times the legal limit.

Lourenco crashed into a family’s SUV and injured 2 small kids on Sunday morning, said the police.

He was rushed to Rhode Island Hospital for treatment. While at the hospital, he had to be put into restraints after he threatened a police offer and threw a bottle filled with urine at the hospital staff.

He was involved in another accident on Monday morning. He was taken into custody after crashing into another motor vehicle. A breath sample taken for testing showed his BAC level at 0.220 percent. The legal limit for driving is 0.08 percent.

Almost 2 hours after being released to the custody of his parents, a police officer saw him driving erratically on the road. He was taken to Landmark Hospital and released to the hospital’s custody.

After leaving the hospital, he began driving a dump truck before crashing that into a tree. He was taken back to the hospital, issued another blood test to measure his Blood Alcohol Concentration level, and this time held for court.

Lourenco faces charges from Cumberland and Providence including reckless driving, refusing a breathalyzer, driving under the influence, and no proof of insurance.

He was arraigned in Cumberland for the 3 incidents there and released on bail for $25,000.

His case in Providence was scheduled for 24th of September.

News Source: Connecticut.CBSLocal.com

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