Man arrested for DUI almost six years after 2007 crash

According to Darien police, Rafael Oliva hit a utility pole while driving under the influence. When he caused the crash, he was driving his boss’s van without permission.

A 28-year-old man has been taken into custody on a warrant, almost 6 years after he hit the utility pole but he appeared in court for a different charge.

On 28th of October, at about 6:43 p.m., Rafael Oliva hit a utility pole with his boss’s van. When the incident happened, he was 23-year-old. His BAC level was almost double the legal driving limit and he was driving with a suspended license. The crash occurred on the Post Road near Saltbox Lane. Olivia was alone in the vehicle and no other person was harmed in the accident nor any other vehicle was involved in the crash. Olivia was injured and transported to the hospital.

Until May 2008, a warrant for his arrest wasn’t signed by a judge and Olivia, who is a resident of 46 Fairfield Ave., Norwalk, was not found by Darien police until he appeared in state Superior Court in Stamford. Recently, Stamford police took Oliva into custody for a domestic incident.

How much struggle the department had done to find Oliva between the time of the crash and his arrest was not told by a Darien Police Department spokesman.

According to the arrest warrant, Oliva was travelling in a 1994 blue Dodge Ram van when he hit a utility pole on the south side of the Post Road near its intersection with Saltbox Lane.

When Oliva was asked by a police officer, how much he’d been drinking, he said, “30 beers”. He suffered non-life threatening injuries and was sent to Stamford Hospital. A blood sample taken for testing showed his BAC level at 0.188 percent.

Police applied for an arrest warrant, which was signed by a judge in May 2008. On 22nd of July 2013, when Olivia appeared in state Superior Court in Stamford on the charges of domestic violence, he was taken into custody by the Darien police officer on charges of driving while intoxicated, driving with a suspended license and taking a vehicle without the owner’s permission. He was held on a $2,500 bond and he was summoned to court on Thursday.

An online search of Connecticut Judicial Branch court records didn’t show any defendant with the name “Rafael Oliva” but a man with the same birth year (1984) and similar name was scheduled to appear in state Superior Court in Norwalk on 5th of August and in state Superior Court in Stamford on 13th of August.

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