Drunk Capital Avenue man had a marijuana plant in pickup

BRIDGEPORT – Reports confirm that police arrested a man who was driving under the influence of alcohol and had a marijuana plant in his vehicle.

According to police reports, 29-year-old Fernando Alves revved up the engines of his red pickup truck and started backing his truck into a police cruiser. Later, police found that the pickup truck was loaded with a marijuana plant. Alves belongs to Capital Avenue.

The incident took place on Easter Sunday at about 11:15 p.m. According to police spokesman William Kaempffer, officers were pulling into a police parking lot near the department’s Congress Street headquarters when they noticed him.

The police news release further mentions that Alves stopped his pickup truck about six inches from one of the cruiser and yelled to Officer Stacey Lyons, “I see you. I wasn’t going to hit you.”

After observing Alves’ odd behavior, Officer Michael Novia and officer Lyons stopped their vehicle and went to speak to Alves. The officers smelled alcohol on his breath and a field sobriety test was conducted which he failed.

Kaempffer further told that after arresting Alves for driving under the influence, officers went to look at the contents of his truck where they noticed a marijuana plant and a large reflective lamp in the truck bed.

Alves was charged with driving under the influence, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, cultivating marijuana and operating a drug factory. A bond of $4,500 was set for him.

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