Connecticut State Police Busted Thousands At DUI Checkpoint

According to the Connecticut State Police, they have already busted thousands traveling Connecticut’s roads and 2 days into the extended weekend.

On Sunday night in the Mansfield area, troopers specifically looked for drivers driving under the influence.

According to Sgt. John Netkovick, “I’m hoping we don’t find any people that are driving intoxicated. I’m hoping that if they are out there that we find them before they hurt anybody”.

He said the Traffic Services Unit had scheduled a 4-hour D.U.I. checkpoint, but had to improvise when it rained.

He added, “Right now what I’ve done is basically re-deployed the people. We’re doing roving enforcement. We don’t want people coming around corners with the glare and the windshield wipers and the heavy rain. We don’t want anybody getting hurt; definitely don’t want my troopers getting hurt”.

Mansfield area was focused by the police because of its nearness to the University of Connecticut.

Netkovick of UCONN students said, “A lot of times they’re not under the microscope of their parents, so they might tend to take chances and do things that they’re not used to and one of those things is drink and so with that said, we’re hoping we can deter them from that”.

In this weekend log, troopers already have dozens of DUI arrests. They have issued more than 1,100 speeding tickets, issued hundreds of seat belt violations and pulled over almost 2,500 drivers for texting, following too closely and other hazardous maneuvers.

“I’ll be a party pooper if it means preventing someone from killing someone”, said Netkovick.

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