Connecticut Ranked Among Worst States For Teens To Get A DUI

According to an analysis done by the Financial services website NerdWallet, teens in Connecticut would want to think twice before they decide to drink and drive.

The analysis was carried out to take a closer look on teens, DUIs, and insurance rates to find which states were the worst for teens to receive a DUI. Data revealed that teenagers see their car insurance rate jump by $2,398 a year on average. However in Connecticut, teenagers with a DUI are paying more than the national average of $4,337 a year in car insurance. Michigan ranked at the top with $6,299 a year, whereas Kentucky ranked at number 2, at $4,711 a year in insurance, followed by Connecticut at $4,337 a year.

Teens also face a 90-day suspension of their driver’s license in Connecticut for a first offense. Their driving privileges are also limited and they have to face a mandatory installation of an Ignition Interlock Device. Apart from these penalties, they also have to pay additional fines and fees and serve any imprisonment associated with the offense.

A conviction of speeding can also lead to an increase in insurance rates. Although the consequences of speeding are less severe, insurers in the U.S. will charge $692 on average a year for a conviction of speeding, anywhere between 11 – 15 miles per hour over the posted limit.

Despite all these details about the high insurance rates, there is good news for teens who are at their best behavior when they are behind the wheel. Connecticut ranks third among states where teens can save the most money on insurance. These savings can add up to $5,048 a year. The top ranked states are Delaware at number 1 at $9,360, followed by Washington D.C. at $5,333, followed by Connecticut.

Teens have several different options available to save money on insurance. These include:

  • Signing up on their parent’s insurance plan
  • Maintaining a certain grade point average in school
  • Completing some form of driver safety training

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