Connecticut doctor accused in DUI crash

FARMINGTON – 59-year-old Dr. Nadeem Behjet, a Connecticut doctor, is accused of being involved in a motor vehicle accident while intoxicated and then fleeing the accident spot.

On Monday, he was seen driving erratically down Rt. 6 in Farmington at about 8:30 a.m. after police received two calls about an erratic driver, according to the Farmington Police.

The driver struck another vehicle near Fienemann Road and then fled west on Route 6, a person present at the scene told the police.

A police officer pulled over Behjet in his Subaru Outback near Swamp Scott Road and issued him a field sobriety test to check his BAC level.

Farmington Police Lt. Colin Ryan said, “He was clearly under the influence of something and the officers felt the erratic operation combined with his performance on the field test warranted his arrest”.

Police charged Behjet with illegally obtaining drugs, fleeing the scene of the crash and driving under the influence and several other traffic violations.

Behjet was not at home when Fox Connecticut got to his Farmington home. His mother said the prescription drugs were Xanax pills that were given to her by her doctor.

He was released on $1,000 bond and was summoned to court on 27th of May.

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