Client Testimonials

“He knows what he doing best attorney in New Haven I recommend anybody needing an attorney to go to him. Can help you with every and anything.” – Linxx R.

“Attorney Jack O’Donnell is awesome at what he does. His willingness to make you feel relaxed while he represents you and explain everything to you is unmatched. Jack calls his clients directly. He doesn’t have an assistant call and give updates or request documentation. His professionalism and passion for what he does is outstanding! Would I recommend Attorney Jack O’Donnell to friends and family? I would recommend him to EVERYBODY! Thank you Attorney Jack O’Donnell for representing my husband. We appreciate everything.” – Shayna

“Every time I was there he was there and he also told me he will try hard as he can to help me and he did thank Jack happy Holidays to you and your family.” – Eric J.

“Excellent Attorney!” – Sara R.

“Jack is awesome at his practice and very helpful in the courtroom. He has gotten me out of a jam many times and has been very helpful and dependable. 10/10 recommend. I wouldn’t call anyone else!” – Nick B.

“Current present past 🤞🏼” – Beachside E.

“Great people really gets the job done” – David P.

“Not a liar but an actual lawyer! a man of his word.” – Omar H.

“You’re one of the best person that came into my life thank you for all the time you have been there thank you are the best ❤️” – Valery C.

“Jack helped me with a very difficult time and represented me on different occasions. I would recommend 100 out of 10 times.” – Omar H.

“Jack and John are absolutely the best. There’s no other call you need to make when considering an attorney.” – Fred W.

“I found Jack’s expertise and straight forward honesty with me when I had legal issues to be extremely reassuring. His familiarity and rapport with the state’s attorneys and judges is unmatched. His staff is friendly and helpful too!” – James H.

“Mr. Jack O’Donnell is a great choice for criminal defense lawyer ! Very respectful, Hard worker and Very Client Friendly! I would recommend if u wanna beat your case call him!” – Leek D.

“Achieved what I thought was impossible.” – Michael M.

“I hope I won’t need my lawyer again but all I can say is he’s great at what he do. If I could I’d give him 10 stars instead of 5.” – Kenneth H.

“Jack is the most amazing lawyer in Connecticut. He has 42 experience in the New Haven and surrounding area court systems. If you need a criminal attorney, have a DUI or any other legal matter Jack is your guy. Unlike most lawyers, Jack actually cares about his clients. Jack communicates with his clients and is honest/upfront about your case. Jack saved my life!” – Mark L.

“Jack O’Donnell is hands down the best attorney in New Haven and very likely in all of Connecticut. He has positive professional relationships within the court; he is respected by judges and other attorneys; he fights for every client and gives 100%. His fees are extremely reasonable and both times I have hired him he got the best possible results. His staff is competent and they work as a team to provide the best legal representation to their clients. Worthy of an outstanding rating!” – Peter S.

“Jack communicates with his clients and keeps them in the loop. His rates are reasonable and he works hard to get the best possible outcome. He is kinds and compassionate and yet tough and professional. He has positive professional relationships with judges, other attorneys, and officers of the court. You just can’t get a better attorney than Jack O’Donnell.” – Pete S.

“I highly recommend Jack O’Donnell! very understanding and gets the best results. Thank you jack!” – Daniel A.

“Jack O’Donnell and John Bowdren were wonderful! I highly recommend O’Donnell Law firm for anyone looking for the best defense possible for themselves or their loved one.” – Ann S.

“I highly recommend jack he is an excellent lawyer and will be by your side thru out your court appearance and will get the best outcome for you.” – Shae J.

“Jack O’Donnell is a very good lawyer he’s also very understanding and patient I would recommend him anytime.” – Kristina C.

“Jack is an amazing and caring attorney. He goes that extra mile for his clients!” – Debbie R.

“Jack O’Donnell is a very understanding lawyer and very kind I thank you for your services I gladly recommend him, good lawyer.” – Lizette S.

“Jack is very professional, he is the best attorney around!” – Dario O.

“Excellent and highly recommended for all your legal needs! I will definitely call him again in the future. He deserves only five stars!” – Marietta C.

“Jack O’Donnell is excellent. I highly recommend him.” – Rue L.

“Jack has been by my side for many years and I recommend jack to anybody that needs help in a defense/injury.” – Granted S.

“All I need to say is jack is awesome!!! He gets the job done!! Never have to worry when jack’s on the case!!! Highly recommend jack!!!” – Traci S.

“I recommend you go to jack O’Donnell.” – Bricks E.

“If you want a lawyer to fight for you then call Jack! He is amazing. He is extremely knowledgeable in criminal law and helped me during a difficult time in my life. Hopefully, I will never need legal representation ever again but if I do Jack will be my first call.” – Megan S.

“Jack really came to the rescue. He was compassionate and understanding of my situation. This was my first offensive and he really walked me through the process. He is well known in New Haven and well-liked by everyone. He will also work with you on payments. A friend recommended me to him and I am so happy I decided to have Jack represent me. You are the best.” – Sarah K.

“Amazing lawyer! If you have any legal trouble and you want the best, call Jack! He is an expert in legal matters and cares about his clients. Best lawyer in Connecticut. He specializes in criminal law, injury law and DUI. Thank you, Jack!” – Jason K.

“Wow, what can I say 5 stars do not do Jack justice. He is an amazing attorney, the best in Connecticut. His communication, experience, and honesty make you feel at ease. If you are looking for someone to fight for you Jack is your guy! I owe him my life. Thanks, Jack!” – Mark L.

“Extremely professional, communicative, and effective. Clearly outlined the process from the get-go and achieved a positive result without the need for me to be present. Would not hesitate to return to in the future or recommend to others.” – Stan K.

“Great law firm very professional! jack is honest and very experienced. if u need a lawyer don’t hesitate to call jack!” – Ceez E.

“Respected by all.” – Kay J.

“Attorney O’Donnell is very knowledgeable and caring. I highly recommend him.” – Gina G.

“Jack is great, he always returns my calls! Answers questions and explains very well. Jack has represented me twice and if I need any help in the future he is my go-to without hesitation!” – Tyquasha H.

“Jack O’Donnell and John Bowdren provided legal advice and guidance during a difficult situation. I found them to be experienced, responsive, knowledgable and honest. While working with them, I felt as though my situation was in adept and trustworthy hands, and they did not steer me wrong.

I would highly recommend anyone seeking legal representation that is fair, honest and will keep your best interest and your needs at the forefront. Should the situation arise, I would not hesitate to seek representation from them again” – Lia G.

“Best lawyer in new haven county!!!” – Justyn V.

“I think jack is by far the best lawyer in the area. He’s friendly and will take your case as it’s his own. He won’t worry you to charge you more, rather he will tell you what he could do and he does it. Strongly recommended.” – Mohammed T.

“Best lawyer ever will always use Jack and send anyone to him.” – Victor B.

“Great guy always helpfu.l” – R.B.

“Great lawyer. I will recommend him all the way.” – Alexander G.

“Attorney Jack O’Donnell does outstanding work and treats his clients with respect and understanding. Overall excellent experience” – Susan K.

“Best lawyer in every aspect, highly recommended. Greatest lawyer I have ever dealt with. Very understanding, great representation. Extremely satisfied and happy with the outcome of my case. Best lawyer in CT area. He’s the lawyer to go to no ifs or buts. Thanks for everything jack” – Bryan G.

“Jack is an amazing attorney and I would recommend him to anyone that needs his services. I couldn’t be happier with his representation.” – Jerry M.

“Jack is the best law firm in New Haven and this area of Connecticut. His fees are good, it’s easy to communicate with him and his staff and all of the attorneys there are great. They get good results. I have been very impressed. I Highly recommend!” – Joe

“I had a serious criminal problems which could have put me to jail but attorney Jack works hard to get me out of it. I am so grateful and all I could say, thank you very much for your wonderful job. A best criminal lawyer of all time.” – Richard A.

“Jack is the best lawyer I’ve had hands down I would recommend 10 stars if they had them he got me off scotch free best lawyer in Connecticut.” – Deion P.

“I retained Attorney Jack O’Donnell to assist with a minor traffic violation. He and his office were very helpful with my issue working diligently to resolve it, which he did. He promptly explained my options, was forthright about costs and was easy to work with. His staff was friendly and helpful. I would have no hesitation in recommending Attorney Jack O’Donnell for legal issues when they arise.” – David M.

“Excellent communication from office and council. Very happy with the outcome.” – Heather Z.

“From the start of our conversation, Mr. Jack was very assuring that he would do everything he could to make it a fair and painless process. I highly recommend this firm and especially Jack for his ability to get the job done and keep us updated on everything step by step and better yet after the case was over he still took the time to ask how we all were this goes way beyond our expectations and I am super great full.” – Sammy R.

“This place and Mr. Jack did a great job. He did everything in his power and then more to get the job done. I’m so glad that I hired this office and Jack. I would recommend this office to anyone is has gotten into a jam and needs unbelievable representation to help them.” – Nicholas R.

“I was a student when Jack helped me and he treated me with respect and kindness. He relieved a lot of stress for me.” – Megan B.

“If you want an attorney that is straight forward, returns calls by him personally and not some other attorney, represents you to his fullest extent, knows the laws and the court system like no one else then you need to call Jack. Don’t let his reasonable legal fees fool you into thinking you may receive inferior representation. His legal services are the best in the state. He is polite, respectful, honest, courteous, professional and the best part is everyone in the court system likes him and so will you. The office staff is the best. The entire firm has no attitudes. They are pleasant to do business with. I trust Jack and his staff. They are the best in my opinion.” – John D.

“Jack O’Donnell is an incredible attorney. This is the best law firm in New Haven and this area of Connecticut from what I have heard. His fees are fair, it’s easy to communicate with him and his staff and all of the attorneys there are exceptional at their job. They get good results. I have been very impressed each time.” – Peter S.

“Excellent service from this attorney and on your side because he works for you. He has a big heart and will work on a payment plan excellent results If you need a lawyer, that will work for you then try the best!” – Browne R.

“I would first like to start off by saying that the Jack O’Donnell office has been the attorney that I have had since my teenage years. They’ve always came through for me, that’s why I highly recommend is services to all my friends and family. He’s never let me down and always got me a fair deal. I’ve been doing jack and his staff quite a few years polite courteous and very humble people. Once again he always works hard for you he and his staff are stand up people I thank God for people like you. Has never let me down once again I would like to thank Jack O’Donnell and his staff for this super work handling my cases. Your friend Abdul Livingston.” – Abdul L.

“The law offices of Jack O’Donnell are a true staple in all of the surrounding communities of New Haven County. Dependability, loyalty and honesty are found in the core of Jack O’Donnell and John Bowdren’s work ethic. Helping families not just through legal formalities but making sure they feel safe.” – John H.

“Jack always gets the best deals for the best prices, always my 1st call if you need a lawyer give him a try.” – Nick G.

“I’ve had Jack and his partner John represent me for numerous cases over the past 10 years! I highly recommend this law firm for any case you may have in CT. They usually don’t cover Danbury but went out of there way to do so for a client. They put you first and make you feel little or no stress about your case!” – Orlando S.

“Jack did exactly what he said he was going to do, plus more! He did an amazing job both in and out of the courtroom. I am still extremely impressed (surprised even) with the outcome of my case. He even answers and responds right away when you contact him. I don’t know how you did it, but all my charges were dropped. Hands down the best lawyer in the area (with 42 years of experience)! THANK YOU!!” – Derik W.

“Listen this guy is amazing, very professional, knowledgeable on the law great attitude and affordable I went to court 3 times never seen a judge and didn’t want to.he does a great job if you don’t like his services email me and I’ll give 25% of your money back!” – Shyron C.

“I have had an Unfortunate experience in June 2017! It was a foolish act of responsibly on my part and blessed enough, I had to pay a price but thank God there was nothing severe within the act and lastly, the experience and help from Jack O’Donnell got me through my ordeal with results of a good lesson learned and satisfaction. Jack is very upfront with his practice and what he can do for you! He exercises his patients by working with his client and ensuring you understand any and everything you are to face. I am pleased and would definitely recommend Jack O’Donnell for services needed.” – Andre W.

“Jack is efficient and honest. He was always available whenever I had questions. He also had everything resolved very quickly. I would recommend him to anyone!” – Brittany F.

“I’ve used Jack twice now and both times he was incredibly helpful and easy to work with. Both cases were resolved with the best case scenario. I would highly recommend Jack to anyone seeking legal counsel in the future. – Michael B.

“Professional and Effective. Negotiating skills and knowledge give you the best outcomes possible. Sit down and talk with him, you’ll know what I mean. Thanks Jack!” – Joseph M.

“The best! thanks!” – Daniel M.

“I recently had the need for a good attorney. Sometimes life’s curve balls can find good people in bad circumstances.

I was referred to the Law Offices of Jack O’Donnell. Not only was the time of the essence, but I needed good representation. Jack was able to flex his schedule and made time for me right away. We met, and I knew this was the right fit. Jack and his team have helped me overcome a bad time in my life. When I needed Jack, he was there for me. He understood and looked out for my best interest.

Attorney John Bowdren at the firm also was very helpful. It felt like, and I did, have a team of attorneys working together to come up with the best defense possible for me.

Jack and his team are knowledgeable, understanding, reasonable, & are well known & respected around the courthouse.

I would highly recommend this firm.” – Matthew P.

“Debbie and Evelyn in the office are very efficient and very nice. Attorney Jack O’Donnell goes above and beyond to help his clients. I would recommend him to anyone who wants a great lawyer on their side.” – Susan C.

“Thank you to the law offices of Attorney O’Donnell for your legal services. Highly professional, transparent, helpful, caring, prompt. Good follow-through. Would enthusiastically recommend.” – Jordan H.

“Informative and dedicated to win.” – Crishawn G.

“Jack has 42 years of experience in his field. I chose the right lawyer by going to him. I’d recommend him to anyone seeking legal help. I don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for his guidance and expertise.” – Alberto G.

“Jack was not only an extremely professional lawyer who came highly recommended, but he was thorough and caring to our individual situation. Our issue was resolved quickly reducing a great deal of stress on the family. We did not feel like we were a ‘case’, we felt as if we mattered as he gave us his direct and personal attention. We highly recommend Jack.” – Vicki A.

“The law office of Jack O’Donnell has proven once again to be one of the top firms in the state of Connecticut, I recommend him to everyone needing assistance in legal matters.” – David A.

“Jack is by far one of the most experienced and most competent lawyers I’ve met. I had the opportunity of getting to know his work as a summer intern and I was highly impressed of how diligent and yet impelling he handles his cases.” – Malte Z.

“I have used Jack for every case I’ve had. He is very straight forward and the outcome is always GREAT. No matter how big or small the matter is he treats it as a priority.” – Jyne D.

“Jack O’Donnell is an outstanding attorney. He is intelligent, strong, honest, caring and has every quality an attorney should have!!! Jack’s years of experience in the courtroom demonstrates his ability to do what’s best for his clients. He understands how the judicial system works. He doesn’t treat you as just another case, he treats you as a member of his family. Jack never gives up, he fights for his clients till the end. Jack is more than just an attorney to me, he is a caring friend. In the courtroom, he was always aware of my feelings and understood my position. He was an excellent attorney right from the start and always had my best interest in mind. I would recommend him to everyone. Thank you Jack for everything you have done for me.” – Jen Z.

“When you need a lawyer who will listen and work his hardest on your case then that lawyer is Jack O’Donnell truly the best I’ve ever used” – John B.

“Jack and his right-hand John the best 2 lawyers in the world I would have them fight a case for me on the moon if needed!!” – Pablo M.

“John couldn’t be more knowledgeable and frank in answering all of my questions. There is no judgment and you can tell, he sincerely cares about his clients as people first and foremost. His fees are also very reasonable. Very satisfied.” – Yan H.

“I was very pleased with the recommendation for Attorney Jack O’Donnell, he and his office did everything in their power to fight for a favorable outcome with my legal matters. I would definitely recommend this lawyer.” – Joshua G.

“One word to describe Attorney Jack O’Donnell – exceptional! I respect his demeanor in the courtroom and wisdom based upon experience. Jack was always quick to respond to phone calls and emails. A true gentleman through and through. Highly recommend.” – A Satisfied Client

“Exceeded my expectations, Jack was able to get a much better outcome than I thought possible. He was extremely professional and resourceful.” – Pete F.

“Jack O’Donnell Law firm has been a great help handling our complicated law issues in and out of state.” – Betsy F.

“Outstanding attorney! Would recommend him to my friends or family members in the future if needed.” – Ami K.

“Best lawyer in the world.” – Shantour J.

“Will recommend to everyone! Highly satisfied with my experience.” – Monika M.

“Quick response to the inquiry and knowledgeable and reasonable expectations. John Bowdren does not oversell.” – Carolyn Y.

“If it wasn’t for Attorney Jack O’Donnell and fellow attorneys at the very last second of my alleged charges I would be sitting in a jail cell rather than writing this review today. Attorney Jack O’Donnell was able to work with me and my situation but to go above and beyond his duties to prove my innocence. I’d highly recommend Attorney Jack O’Donnell office to everyone. Thanks again Jack!” – Daniel A.

“You won’t get more personalized service than from Jack. He is unlike any lawyer I’ve used. He keeps you informed and follows up on everything he says he will. He’s the best!” – John D. (Branford)

“I have used Jack since 1985 and I wouldn’t use anyone else! He doesn’t pass judgment on the mistakes I make and always gets results that are better than I expect.” – Robert B. (New Haven)

“Jack got me into a program and kept me out of jail when other lawyers said it couldn’t be done! Getting this program changed my life, and I give Jack the credit.” – Martin C. (East Haven)

“Jack is always there when my family needs him. He works with us on payments and treats our cases the same as he treats rich people’s cases. He’s the best lawyer ever.” – Diane B. (Meriden)

“I don’t know how he does it sometimes! The deals he has negotiated for me have been amazing. I send everyone to him.” – James L. (Hamden)

“The most important thing about Jack is that he doesn’t make a promise he can’t keep. He just guarantees he’ll work hard for you and he does.” – Louisa M. (Meriden)

“Jack’s whole office, John, Debbie and Evelyn, make you comfortable and welcomed. Nobody rushes you or brushes you off. I actually look forward to office visits.” – Frank R. (New Haven)

“I can’t imagine a more dedicated attorney than Jack. He cares about you and your case so much that no matter what happens, you know it’s the best result possible.” – Anthony V. (Hamden)

“I found Attorney O’Donnell on the internet and crossed my fingers I found a good attorney. Well I was wrong. I found a great one!” – Brian B. (Seymour)

“You know how lawyers don’t return phone calls? Not with Jack and John. I made a real pest of myself but they took my calls and returned the others the same day.” – Jaclyn G. (Milford)

– Alan P.

– Matthew C.

– Germaine L.

– Tommy J.

– Danny D.

– Lee A.

– Justin K.

– Lawrence M.

– Boubacar D.

– Tassio M.

– A Satisfied Client

– Ruby H.

– Bryan G.

– Kimberly P.

– Jaclyn G.

– Ryan B.

– Jaslyn C.

– Joy K.

– Rich S.

– Isabelle D.

– Rich S.

– Rich S.

– Lisa A.

– Jada C.

– Anna Z.

– Arturo C.

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