26-Year-Old Connecticut Man Charged With DUI After Crash

26-year-old Joey Duccas of Connecticut was charged for driving under the influence as he crashed a pickup truck into a parked motor vehicle and then into a garage. The incident occurred on 20th of June, Saturday morning around 2 a.m. in Cranston.

According to the police, he was asked to submit a breath sample for testing after the accident to determine his BAC level and he refused.

Duccas is being charged for DUI and refusal to provide a breath sample for chemical testing.

The truck struck a motor vehicle after it got out of control and veered off the roadway. It then collided with a parked motor vehicle and forced it into a garage due to which the structure collapsed and the door fell on top of both vehicles.

Jaws of Life were used by the firefighters to get Duccas out of the truck as he got trapped in it. He was rushed to Rhode Island hospital as he sustained life-threatening injuries in the accident, including a broken leg. It is not known whether he is in stable condition now or not.

The accident is still under investigation by the authorities.

News Source: www.ABC6.com

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