Statewide DUI enforcement during holiday weekend nets 35 drunk drivers

Middletown, Conn. – On Friday, State police said that the number of people that have been injured in road accidents across Connecticut this holiday weekend is more than twenty five. There have been no deaths according to the police.

The Holiday enforcement was started by the authorities on 3rd of July at midnight and it ended on Sunday. By around 9 p.m. on Thursday, 35 drivers were arrested by the police for driving while intoxicated. Police responded to 190 accidents in which 27 people were injured. 1,276 speeding tickets were issued and 257 drivers were charged for seatbelt violations.

According to the police, 45 drivers were taken into custody for DUI and 1,059 speeding tickets were issued in 2012 during the enforcement period which started from 4th of July.

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