Massachusetts woman sentenced to six years in 2011 drunk driving crash that killed a Connecticut resident

On Thursday, 26-year-old Dina Senibaldi was sentenced to 6 years in jail for the accident she caused in 2011 in which one Connecticut resident died and one was injured. She was driving under the influence at high speed.

Senibaldi was sentenced in New London Superior Court on manslaughter, assault and driving under the influence charges. The accident occurred on Interstate 395 in Waterford. Senibaldi’s car collided with an SUV driven by Edmund Davis.

According to the Associated Press reports, Davis was seriously injured and his passenger, Lisa Delprete, was killed in the collision. Davis needed several surgeries for his injuries. Senibaldi was driving her car at 100 mph. After the collision, the SUV rolled several times on the road.

Senibaldi said sorry on Thursday and asked Delprete’s family to forgive her. In June, she pleaded no contest to the charges.

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