Drunken Driving Prevention Device kept a suspected shoplifter from getting away

A shoplifter was trying to escape but a drunken driving ignition device kept him from fleeing. The incident happened last night in Farmington. According to police, 34-year-old Levar Fulgham and 34-year-old Jasmin Mancini stole thousands of dollars in designer handbags.

They are accused of stealing 29 items worth $4,500, from the TJ Maxx at 1600 Southeast Road, in which Michael Kors handbags are included.

The security at the store called the police and reported that thieves are present in the store that’s why officers were waiting outside the store when Fulgham, Mancini and another person left the store. When Fulgham saw police, he ran and jumped into a car. He failed to escape because the vehicle was equipped with an interlock device. He had never seen or used an ignition interlock device, so he did not know how to operate it.

Since last year, ignition interlock devices have been made mandatory for drivers convicted of drunk driving. To start a car with an ignition interlock device fitted in it, giving a breath sample for testing is necessary.

Arrests log shows that when Fulgham attempted to escape, police pursued him and arrested him. Police checked the car and found 3 people with bags ranging from $230 to $1,500 each and designer socks also.

Snaps of items were taken by the police as proof and they will give the items back to the store owners.

Police said that Fulgham provided police with a false name and he also refused to be fingerprinted. He was charged with several counts of larceny, interfering with an officer and refusal to be fingerprinted. He was being held on $100,000 bail. Mancini was also charged with several counts of larceny and posted bond.

They both were scheduled to appear in court for their charges on 14th of August.

News Source: www.NBCConnecticut.com

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