63 people charged with driving under the influence by Connecticut State Police over Weekend

According to Connecticut state police reports, the number of drivers charged by them on 4th of July holiday weekend for driving while intoxicated was 63.

State police responded to 316 crashes but no one killed in the crashes.

Troopers issued speeding tickets to 2,500 drivers and the number of drivers who got tickets for illegally using mobile phones for texting or calling while driving and other moving violations was 5,600. During the time period starting from Wednesday night and ending on Sunday evening, the number of drivers who got tickets for failing to wear seatbelts was above 500.

Last year during the 4th of July Holiday Weekend, 45 drivers were arrested for driving under the influence and 323 crashes occurred. The number of speeding tickets issued in 2012 was less than half the total number of tickets issued in 2013.

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