New Haven Police Investigate Assault Case In Wooster Square

NEW HAVEN, Conn. – On Thursday morning, a woman sustained injuries during an invasion at her New Haven apartment.

According to the New Haven Police, an individual assaulted a 25-year old woman in her basement apartment. The woman suffered injuries to her face and neck.

When residents of the Wooster Square community woke up, they found detectives at their doors along with the crime scene tape.

“A load of police cars, the street blocked off,” said a resident.

According to Marc Osborne, “I’m horrified that anything like this could happen to anyone regardless of age.” He added, “The fact that she is 25 and that she moved to this area recently makes it infinitely more awful”. He further said about the incident that he thinks these kinds of incidents occur in urban areas, even in the most wonderful neighborhoods in the world.

Detectives investigating the incident removed items from the apartment.

Individuals living in the area were disturbed due to the incident because they are also feeling unsafe.

“I’m very disturbed about it and now people entering your home it is insane. It is crazy,” said Giacomo Mancini.

Evidence was gathered by investigators from the incident spot to know who the offender in the assault case was.

“It is sort of not surprising in a way because we are right on the edge of some marginal neighborhoods,” according to Lisa Moore. She further said, “My husband is religious about keeping the doors locked even when we are at home.”

Individuals living in the community believe that the foot traffic has helped stop crime.

Dog owners and dog walkers help keep the community safe because they walk around the neighborhood and also visit the park.

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