How Does the Point System Work in Connecticut?

Interviewer: In Connecticut, how does a driver incur points when ticketed for traffic infractions?

The Connecticut DMV Manages the Points You Incur on Your License

Jack: That is a tough question. Although the local or state police almost always issue traffic violations, the infractions are all reported to the DMV. The DMV is the agency that assesses and manages the driver’s license points.

How Many Points Can You Accumulate Before Your License Is Suspended?

Interviewer: How many points can you get on your license before it’ll be suspended?

Jack: If you incur 6 points, you can expect a warning letter from the DMV. If you accumulate ten or more points, your license will be suspended for 30 days. Get another ten points and you’ll lose your license for up to 24 months. The points remain in effect for 24 months after the date that they’re incurred.

Points Remain on Your Driver’s License for 24 Months

Interviewer: As you receive an infraction for let’s say, speeding, those points are going to be on your license for 24 months until they ‘fall off,’ is that right?

Jack: Yes, in a rotating fashion.

Interviewer: Does the severity of a traffic offense go down over time? Let’s say you had a speeding offense and it carried three points, would it only show up as two points after a year or three points until it gone?

The Point System Ranges From One to Fiver Points Added to Your License

Jack: No, they do not lessen in severity over time. The point system ranges from one up to five. You can get one, two, three, or four points for traffic infractions. Five points is negligent homicide or operating a school bus at excessive speed.

Interviewer: If an offense has two points, during the 24 month period that it’s on your license, will one of the points fall off or they’ll both be one there until the whole thing is done at the 24 months?

Jack:  If you receive two points for speeding, 24 months after that was recorded then the two points come off. Speeding is actually just one point in Connecticut.

By Jack O’Donnell

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