What Are The Emotional Support Animal Laws?

The laws of Emotional Support Animal are very brief and precise. The legal guidelines for ESAs, a therapy dog or a service dogs are different. The rules for each type are different for the animals as well as the handlers.

Emotional Support Animals Laws

There are two Basic laws relevant to Emotional Support Animals:

  1. The first aspect of the ESA law defines that an ESA is permitted in a “NO PET” housing policy. This is mentioned in the Fair Housing Act that means that the owner, authorized or the area manager has to make a reasonable arrangement for your ESA. On the other hand, the arrangement may be denied if the housing owner is getting the administrative or financial burden. Another reason of the denial can be the size of your ESA, such as if it’s a horse or a cow etc. for more details you can also read our guide that is about renting a house with your ESA.
  2. The second aspect is to travel. The registered ESA have right to fly with the handler/owner in the cabin of the plan. This is mentioned in the Air Carrier Act known as ACAA. You can also make a request to swap the seat if your Emotional Support Animal is too big so that your ESA has enough space to sit by you. We endorse communicating with the air carrier minimum 48 hours before in order to make necessary paperwork, make sure to know these tips if you are flying with your dog.

Basic Requirements for an Emotional Support Animal

Do you know, what is the distinction between a pet and legal Emotional Support Animal? It is just a letter by a licensed therapist. Be sure to qualify for an ESA letter because if your pet is acting like one but you under the law your pet is not an ESA if you do not have a letter.

  1. The Emotional Support Animal letter is basically an undertaking by a mental health expert that mentions that you are suffering from an emotional disability as defined by the American’s with Disability Act, and your ESA is an essential portion of your treatment.
  2. The letter must have the license number, sign and dated by your therapist on his on letterhead.
  3. The Emotional support animal letters are legal for just one year once it’s issued, after a year you need to renew it.
  4. Make it clear that ESAs still depends on the animal import and export requirement of the country you are traveling to. So this means that you need to do the research about the ESA laws and paperwork which may be required by the country you are traveling to.
  5. The ESAs are not specifically trained however the airlines expect your ESAs to be well behaved hence they can deny the entry of your ESA if they are acting aggressively or creating a scene.

Remember that only cats and dogs are fully protected legitimately as ESAs, an airline can deny the entry of any other animal even if you have the ESA letter.

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