59-Year-Old New Milford Man Sentenced To 2 Years In Federal Prison

NEW HAVEN – According to officials, James Broderick III will be locked up in prison for playing a role in an extortion conspiracy.

On Thursday, he was sentenced by U.S. District Judge, Janet Bond Arterton, in New Haven to spend 2 years in jail after which he will remain in supervision for 3 years.

From the end of December 2015 to the beginning of January 2016, he gave the amount of $1,500 to an individual after finalizing the deal that he will get back the amount within four days with an extra amount of $500 in interest.

When the individual, who took the loan, didn’t fulfill the promise to return the money plus the interest in the set time, Broderick asked for help from Howard Hammer in getting back the loan. Hammer sent threatening text messages to the victim to scare him that if he didn’t pay back the loan, they will harm him.

A release from Deirdre M. Daly, U.S. attorney for Connecticut, showed that Hammer took screen shots of the threatening text messages and sent them to Broderick. They made a plan to take the victim’s car either as payment for the debt or as punishment as he didn’t succeed in paying the loan in the fixed time.

New Milford Police Department was called on 25th of January 2016 to report a case in which the victim was stabbed many times. The cops approached the local hotel where they found the victim of this extortion scheme, beaten and full of blood in a room at the hotel. The victim sustained internal injuries due to the stabbing and he also sustained many other life-threatening injuries, including skull fracture.

Officials made it public that the investigation of the case showed that members of the Hells Angels motorcycle club had stabbed the victim and beaten him using a hammer according to their extortion scheme.

An investigation of the case also revealed that Broderick gathered the amount of more than $20,000 in interest payments from the second victim during the time period of 3 years. He made several extortionate loans to a second victim, and when he didn’t succeed in paying back the amount of loan with interest that was set at 10% per week, he threatened the victim again and again to use force to collect the loan.

The FBI Violent Crime Task Force, New Milford Police Department and Connecticut State Police Western District Major Crime Squad collaborated for an investigation of the case. Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael J. Gustafson prosecuted the case.
On 27th of May 2016, Broderick and Hammer were taken into custody for the extortion offense.
On 2nd of December 2016, Hammer pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to participate in the collection and attempted collection of an extension of credit by extortionate means.
On 7th of December 2016, Broderick also pleaded guilty to the same charges.
On 1st of June, Hammer was sentenced to spend 30 months in jail for the extortion crime.

News Source: www.RegisterCitizen.com

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